Europacific offers comprehensive solutions in the field of preparing customs documentation. We prepare documents for the purpose of import and export customs clearance or the transit of goods. Our business partners are constantly informed about new developments in the field of customs and tax legislation.

We offer professional assistance in::

  • customs brokerage in implementing customs procedures (import, export, transit)
  • customs advice
  • customs inspections
  • veterinary, sanitary and market inspections
  • direct and indirect representation in customs procedures (procedure 40, procedure 42)


Import customs clearance of goods under the procedure 40 means the release of goods into free circulation for home use on the payment of customs duties, VAT and other charges (antidumping duties, agricultural duties, excise duties, motor vehicles taxes).

If a consignment is cleared on the territory of the country in which it is intended, all the duties shall be paid on release for free circulation in order to allow the importer to freely dispose of the goods.

When shipments are of preferential origin they may be cleared at a reduced rate – the free rate. This means that there is no need to pay customs duties for the import but only the VAT. The preferential origin can be proved in different ways:

  • with the EUR. 1 form
  • with a statement by the exporter on the invoice or
  • with a statement by the exporter on the invoice or with a statement by an authorized exporter on the invoice

The advantages of customs procedure 40

  • after the customs clearing procedure, the importer is free to dispose of the goods
  • the possibility of clearance on the basis of simplification
  • the possibility of using our company’s import guarantees

The disadvantages of customs procedure 40

  • the assurance of available liquid assets to finance customs duties and VAT



  • a valid EORI number and tax identification number
  • the authorization for customs clearance for the freight forwarder
  • overcoming the payment of import duties through own guarantee or the freight forwarder’s guarantee


  • a properly completed CMR, showing where the consignment is going and who is the ultimate beneficiary.

Freight forwarder

  • documentary checks
  • tax and EORI numbers validity checks;
  • preparation of import documentation;
  • stocked assets (warranty).


Custom Cleance