In 2020, we continued to optimize processes, minimize costs, and further focus on the core business of Europacific. We invested in units in Asia and Serbia, which in the future will contribute to greater distribution of logistic services in our territory. The year 2020 represented a breakthrough, since we are now more focused on our employees, thus providing additional education through which we optimized business processes, which all the guidelines are embedded in our original goals, focus more on the core business and more aggressive the market where we want to capitalize.

Our work is directed at our customers, partners, who want to offer comprehensive logistics solutions for their business. The client strategy has enabled us to reorganize and diversify internally this year to areas that are interesting for us in the long run and will be the basis for our current and future growth of operations. For this kind of journey, large financial investments and additional risks were required.


We support all our activities with a group of young highly educated and trained individuals, each with a large “kilometer” in each area. The condition for working in our company is at least higher education. We direct a large part of our revenues into the development of our own special logistics applications that support our operational and strategic direction.

In our business, we are still aware of important cultural differences between us and our global business partners. One of the important benefits we offer to our best partners from Asia is 24/7 availability and responsiveness. We constantly innovate our business model, which is why, despite our small size, we are an important partner to many larger clients.

In the last year we have built a process design of our organization that supports the strategy outlined on the model of the blue rating. All areas of our operations include management tools and instruments such as 7S, BPM, TQM, BSC, CRM, EVA, KRAFT, TRUST, which ensure efficient implementation and achievement of strategic goals. They are written in our strategic document SpVr – Strategic Plan for Sustainable Growth with Implementation Goals.

Our strategy and support organization ensure that in recent years we constantly increase the growth of our revenues in a sustainable and controlled way.

We only select business intelligent buyers and suppliers and build solid relationships based on mutual trust. Among our partners are primarily companies that follow a similar philosophy of business and with which we solve the challenges together and learn from one another. In our business with global providers, we are focused on the Asian region where we have the longest tradition and rich personal connections among Slovenian companies.

The key driver of our success is the knowledge of all our employees and the strategy resulting from the wishes of our customers. With our mission, we want to further co-create trends in logistics solutions to the wishes of our partners. Our vision is to become the leading provider of knowledge-based logistical solutions in the region.

Only with a healthy mind, development and constant investment we will achieve all our goals and goals of our partners