Shipping Agency

As a major shipping agency in the Adriatic, Europacific is able to meet all the expectations of our principals.

We offer our clients a comprehensive range of services:

  • loading and unloading ships
  • bunkers
  • repairs in dock
  • replacement of the crew and / or passengers
  • supply of fresh water, food etc

We have introduced a centralized database, which facilitates the daily operations with the Port of Koper, customs authorities and other bodies where electronic communication is possible.

However, technology is definitely not enough! A professional team with substantial experience in the shipping industry and local rules and regulations is essential for a successful shipping agency!


Quality, reliability and competitiveness
We are able to offer our customers a comprehensive service based on quality, reliability and competitiveness.

The ability to adjust to the needs of our clients is the guideline that leads us in the operation of the container and liner sector.

The eyes and ears of the market
The help given to our principals in providing market information which help to improve the service and facilitate decisions is of vital importance. This gives more time to our principals to do what they do best; add value to their service in effectiveness as well as in reliability.


Agency Supervisor