MAERSK obvešča: The Terminal Situation in St. Petersburg

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MAERSK obvešča: The Terminal Situation in St. Petersburg Dear Customer, we have during the recent weeks seen considerable container volume growth in St. Petersburg. At the same time we have seen tough weather conditions slowing down the gate-out from terminals, lack of trucking capacity, etc. As you know, we are presently using both FCT and PLP as our main terminals for import and export. To ensure that we can continue to support the growth of our Clients and deliver your cargo on time, we are now making considerable investments in additional ships to service the market in St. Petersburg. Due to the overflow of cargo, we are going to use our best efforts to continue to deliver your cargo on time, but we can not, for all cargo, guarantee to which terminal in St. Petersburg the cargo will go. We shall try to inform you as much in advance as we can but due to waiting time to get a berth we may need to divert a vessel from one terminal to another with short notice to protect the further service to and from St. Petersburg. At the same time we encourage our clients to take quicker delivery from the yard to ensure we in the future will have the terminal capacity to continue to discharge. - Due to our increased costs in additional vessels and waiting time, we reserve the right to implement a congestion surcharge on short notice. - Due to the excessive dwell time at the terminals we reserve the right to at short notice to implement emergency storage/demurrage charges at transhipment ports and in St. Petersburg. We are now, together with our Terminal Partners, PLP and FCT, still able to handle the volumes and deliver your cargo more or less on time but we need your urgent attention to take quicker delivery of your cargo. We shall continue to invest in additional vessel capacity and terminal space to protect your business. For further guidance, please contact you local Maersk Line representative Best Regards, Maersk Adria Team

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