Europacific Ltd., as a comprehensive logistics broker, offers cargo insurance from one warehouse to the other. We take care of your insurance with our partner ASKO GMBH (URL: http://www.asko24.com) simultaneously with other freight forwarding services, which reduces your administrative costs. Our advantage in comparison with insurance companies is negotiation, which allows you to get attractive premium conditions from the best insurance companies at home and abroad. The compensation claims by the owners of the goods are resolved much faster as it is not necessary to prove the responsibility of the carrier for the freight insurance.

The insurance of goods in transit, also called transport insurance for all risks, provides a comprehensive insurance cover for goods transported from door to door based on the market value of the goods. It is the quality of the goods produced in large quantities that makes this insurance cover necessary, as in case of damage, regarding the binding legal provisions of the transport law, a deficit between the actual extent of the damage and the amount of it for which the carrier or freight forwarder assumes responsibility results at the expense of the sender.

The insurance of goods during the transportation provides protection against such risks not only for material damage, but also provides extended coverage for consequential material and property damage, which is necessary for a timely delivery. Legal provisions on the carrier’s responsibility do not take into account these circumstances and also most of the contractually agreed additional clauses are not in compliance with the mandatory legal provisions. It is the duty of carriers and freight forwarders to provide their customers advice on insuring the goods in transit, so that a loss event would not have a negative impact on their relationship with the clients.

We are available for insurance coverage based on individual demand with individual coverage.